Calstock Development Trust is a community-led, parish-wide, independent, regeneration organisation. It aims to increase local employment and training, provide facilities for public recreation, preserve buildings of historical interest, support other local community groups, protect the natural environment and provide computer and internet facilities.

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Calstock Trust are the Best!

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Jane David & Jill went to the awards presentation at Truro on Thursday5 October 2006.

Calstock Develompment Trust were a finalist in the community projects category, and received a certificate.

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Services offered at the OASIS Centre Gunnislake
Internet access for all
Job information from Tavistock, Plymouth and Liskeard.
Careers advice and guidance from Nextstep, Connexions and Oasis staff.
Computer and broadband internet access for all, including one to one computer training.

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Horticultural Enterprise

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Calstock Trust has been awarded a grant to carry out a feasibility study into the potential of setting up a horticultural enterprise in the Tamar Valley.

At its height in the 1950s and 1960s the Tamar Valley market gardening industry employed 1,500 people, there are now only about 40 growers left in the Tamar Valley.

Recycle Mobile Phones and Inkjet Printer Cartridges at the Oasis Center Gunnislake

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If you are replacing your old mobile phone, dont just put it our with the rubbish - drop it off at the Oasis Center and we will recycle it. Do your bit to 'save the planet' and help your local community.